Tuesday, 7 July 2009

How's That Song Go? Mixtape

We made a mixtape of stuff we're in to at the moment (track list below). Listen to it whilst cruising around San Dimas on your skateboard, or have it playing on your boombox whilst macking some hottie you met at the beach.

Download - How's That Song Go? (re-upped on Sendspace)


1. Ducktails – ‘Backyard’
2. Here We Go Magic – ‘Only Pieces’
3. Best Coast - ‘Up All Night’
4. Holiday Shores – ‘Phones Don’t Feud’
5. His Clancyness – ‘So Bored’
6. Beach Fossils – ‘Vacation’
7. Pearl Harbour – ‘Lost @ Sea’
8. Neon Indian – ‘Deadbeat Summer’
9. Ganglians – ‘Voodoo’
10. Real Estate – ‘Fake Blues’
11. Girls – ‘Lust For Life’
12. Nodzzz – ‘Is She There’
13. Audacity – ‘Teenage Town’
14. Fergus & Geronimo ‘Tell It (In My Ear)’
15. Fungi Girls – ‘Pacifica Nostalgia’
16. The Smith Westerns – ‘Girl In Love’

Props to Gorilla vs Bear and Chocolate Bobka for the heads up on some of these.

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Voyno says Hi said...

Sweet. Thanks for this.