Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Ducktails, is Matthew Mondanile (also guitarist in Real Estate). He will be over in the UK for a couple of shows soon and also has a Radar piece in this week's NME.

Here's the video for recent single 'Landrunner':

Be sure to get down to see him:

30th May 2009 @ The Greenhouse Effect w/ Joanna Roberston, Arch M, Brighton

31th May 2009 @ Old Blue Last, London

Pick up the album on the ever excellent Not Not Fun

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mailing List/ mixtape giveaway

We're music nerds as much as the next man/ woman and we often sign up to mailing lists for no real reason and then get bombarded with pointless emails about crap we don't care about. So, to make things a little nicer for everybody we're going to start giving away mixtapes (on real cassette tapes!) to people who join the list (link below).

They're going to be nicely artworked C90s, like the ones you used to give girls when you were 14 full of Elliott Smith songs. We're asking friends of ours to do them, so they'll be nice little collectible curios, not like downloadable mixtapes that everybody has.

Hopefully we'll be seeing mixes from us (I'm doing a disco tape, Patrick wants to do extreme metal), Merok (home to Titus Andronicus, Teengirl Fantasy, Salem and run by Milo from the Big Pink), Woods will be doing a Woodsist themed one, Real Estate are getting on it, Young Turks, Abeano a and Salvia too. All the names...

There'll be more to come too, so add your name and get hoping (we can't give everybody a tape, only the people that ask nicely):

Spread the word

1ove xxx

Woods live at the Market Hotel, New York

From Pitchfork: