Monday, 19 October 2009

Ancient Crux

ANCIENT CRUX is primarily 19 year old Travis Von Sydow (also of LA punks Rapid Youth), he writes, records all the Ancient Crux stuff himself, but plays live with a couple of other dudes. We first stumbled across them on the No Pain In Pop blog a few months ago. We instantly fell in love with the lo-fi Roy Orbison pop of 'In Teen Dreams', sounding like it should've soundtracked Jason Priestly's mercurial (if tragically short lived) turn as Buzz Gunderson in 'Teen Angel'.

So, next year we'll be releasing that song (which is on the Ancient Crux myspace if you want to hear it) as a double a-side split single with Denver, Colorado based Weed Diamond (more on him later). In the meantime, you can download 'Vanisher' from the 'Interracial Coupling EP' on Family Time Records.


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