Monday, 9 November 2009

To My Boy 'Us + The Wind'

A couple of years ago.To My Boy released an underrated synth pop album, instead of the now almost obligatory Yazoo referencing, they sounded more like an electrocuted Devo playing OMD songs too fast. But there was always an undercurrent of melancholy in Jack's voice that hinted at a darker future.

So after their debut album the band (Jack, Sam and laptop) returned to university to study nuclear physics. Not much was heard from them until Jack sent me over the new album. It's an astonishing leap forward, a concept album about when the world runs out of natural resources and has to find a new planet to inhabit. It's a really great record, which conjures up images of disused nuclear bunkers on the grey plains of Northern England, The Quiet Earth and Phillip K Dick's existential angst.

Below is a link to 'Us + The Wind', further songs will pop in time:


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