Friday, 29 July 2011

Roberto Cacciapaglia 'The Ann Steel Album' reissue

We've been dormant as a label for just over two years now, allowing the looming spectre of chill wave and witch house to come and go without so much as a download single release by //\\''&%$@@@$%&"//\\ to our name.

So it's as much of a surprise to us as it is you that we're releasing two albums this year, the aforementioned Holiday Shores and now with the reissue of Roberto Cacciapaglia's 1979 bizarro futurist pop LP, 'The Ann Steel Album'.

Roberto Cacciapaglia is an Italian electronic composer who's made albums using every possible permutation of the same six notes, right up to modern classical, with 'The Ann Steel Album' as the weird anomaly.

Made with an American model, who moved to Italy to make it big in fashion, Roberto took her languid, Laurie Anderson-esque voice and created a detached futurist popstar.

The odd sound of these European futurist pop songs make it sound like the machines are breathing, creating a weird organic/ electronic rhythm section. It has to be heard to be believed.

'The Ann Steel Album' will be a vinyl only reissue, the first time this album has been on vinyl since its initial small pressing in the 70's, available from Half Machine Records.


John said...

Would be nice to have a CD or lossless download, as the CD is also out of print. Vinyl only is a dumb concept.

Richard said...

Well, John, I wanted to have it on vinyl and so I've done something about it. You could license the album yourself and release the download and cd??

John said...

Richard, thanks for being a smart ass. I'd gladly buy your vinyl if you included a digital download, it would make the purchase that much more viable.

Richard said...

Totally understand, but that makes things that much more knotty with a license agreement.

Besides the MP3s are available all over the internet, it's one of the easiest records to find on Google (although I wouldn't condone such things, of course)!

chris coady said...

this record has been dying for a reissue for a long time. thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

[uzine] said...

Hi gave your reissue some spotlight on my blog (click my nick). Did you include the non lp single in yoùr lp reprint? That's not clear for lack of a tracklisting. Or is your set on Soundcloud the tracklisting? It doesn't say so explicitly there either.

And re: hard to find: the original vinyl isn't all thàt rare in Europe.