Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Magic - 'Mr Hollywood (Sandro Perri Remix)'

Prefix Magazine premiered the brand new Sandro Perri remix of The Magic's 'Mr Hollywood'

"Fraternal Canadian electro duo The Magic have only put out two songs so far, but they already occupy an musical island all their own. First single "Mr. Hollywood" is equal parts 70s spy flick theme and bayou-burning early Dr. John, but takes on a wholly different quality in the reimagining of Sandro Perri. The prolific Toronto native's soundscapes are as surreal and vivid as the cover to his excellent 2011 album Impossible Spaces. His remix of "Mr. Hollywood" brings the trucking tempo of the original to a slither, a digital lounge with mandolin and analog synths juxtaposed. Perri's sonic vision is on par with producers like Jon Brion, and with material as inventive as The Magic's to work with, he has produced something special."

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