Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Psychedelic Horseshit vs Half Machine Records


The debut UK single by Psychedelic Horseshit comes out on Monday (28th). I sent Matt from the band 50 copies the other day, to which I got this email in reply:

"to: half machine records
subject: new wave hippies ep

dude, got the ep's today, what the fuck is with the spaces in between the tracks. they were strung together with care. THERE ARE GUITAR AND DRUM PARTS CHOPPED IN HALF. i am beyond pissed off. this is why bands are supposed to get test pressings. this thing is a piece of junk now, completely worthless, and all copies must be burned or otherwise destroyed. i am deadly serious about this. if this gets out i will personally make it my job to see to it that every copy is retreived and destroyed. starting at yr offices.

-matt horseshit"

So, as requested we'll be setting all copies we can get our hands on alight. We'll film it and post it on youtube to prove to Matt (and you) that we really have thrown just over a grand down the drain. We're kind of like a poor mans KLF...

There will be copies in shops (we have a distributor who has already sent copies out, but not many), so if you want one get it now! Or buy from us at

They won't be around for long...

The rich version of Half Machine Records (the KLF):