Thursday, 18 December 2008

Pacific 'A Tree (Poney Poney Remix)'

French electronic pop band Poney Poney remixed Swedish electronic pop band Pacific's new single 'A Tree', but we didn't get it in time to put on the single so you can download it for free here:

Pacific 'A Tree (Poney Poney Remix)'

The Pacific single ('A Tree') is out this week, which you can get on 7" and a specially priced digital EP on iTunes which includes a Tobias D remix.

Also, as it's Christmas, we've put all Half Machine albums on iTunes for £4.74, which is cheap at half the price.

Pacific 'Reveries'
MIT 'Coda'
Francois Virot 'Yes or No'

1ove x


I love NEU!

Some Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger related videos:

Kraftwerk 'Koln II' (with Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother)

NEU! 'Hero' live 1974

La Dusseldorf 'Viva'