Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Samuel Buck Rosen

Sam Buck Rosen is somebody we've been in to for a long time now. He was recommended to me at 4am in a Belgian jazz bar by Vampire Weekend's Rostam. Since then I've amassed quite a collection of Sam's music - 33 songs at the moment, which is quite a prodigious output for a 19 year old.

It takes in distorted tropical dance pop, country death songs, a glitch-y take on dub-step via 50s crooned ballads (all completely lo-fi of course).

There's going to be a UK 7" soon-ish, which will probably have this song on there. It's the first song I heard by him and is called 'Trenchtown'

Sam Buck Rosen - 'Trenchtown'

He has toured the US with friends like Vampire Weekend, Nat Baldwin etc etc and has also tipped up on the indie credibility barometer - Daytrotter - performing four songs, including a newer version of 'Trenchtown'.

Sam Buck Rosen - 'Liquidator (live)':

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