Friday, 26 September 2008

Solange 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams'


Beyonce's little sister, and former Destiny's Child backing singer, Solange recently released her second album - 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams'. It, perhaps surprisingly, is really, really good. Cee-Lo Green, Mark "anything for a few quid" Ronson, Q-Tip, Neptunes and Lamont Dozier all worked on the album. She also samples Boards of Canada on 'This Bird', Marvin Gaye (on 'Ode To Marvin') and The Dap Kings (on '6 O'Clock Blues').

It's a 21st century re-imagining of Motown's 60s pop and Philly soul. Lead single, 'I Decided' has a nod to two of the best songs to come from peak period Motown - Martha & The Vandella's 'Heat Wave' and The Supremes 'Where Did Our Love Go?' (which it samples). It's just fucking brilliant.

Solange - 'I Decided'

Martha & The Vandellas - 'Heat Wave'

The Supremes - 'Where Did Our Love Go?'

I watched her on the Tyra Banks show this morning, where she talked about not having ADHD and that she fancies John Mayer (apparently he's quite famous in America). There was also a bit about single 'moms' (which Solange is) and how they can't afford to pay their gas bills and stuff, so Solange and Tyra "holler" Banks gave them a load of Solange's 'Baby Jamz' toys ("a hip-hop/rhythm inspired toy line for preschoolers") and set up spa sessions for them. So if you want some new hip hop/ rhythm based kids toys, check eBay. I'm pretty sure those single mothers are going to sell that shit and pay the bills as soon as Tyra's back's turned.

She also played two songs, 'I Decided', and 'Sandcastle Disco', which is the next single in the US:

According to Wikipedia - "She is currently working with a Private Equity firm to help finance special projects in distribution, promotions and marketing music with Music World Entertainment and Geffen. The Private Equity firm is focusing on buying and selling music licensing rights to the movie industry and consumer products like Coca-Cola, Alcohol beverages and Proctor & Gamble Company products. The music for commercials will be the first deal of its kind for a female R&B singer."


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