Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009, It's Echo and the Bunnymen's turn.

Hey, you know how some bands tend to choose a band from the past, then rip them off as means to crowbar their way into the pop charts? Yeah you do ... The Streets / The Specials ... Chairlift / The Cure .... All the bands of 2005 / Gang of Four

Well, it seems that 2009 is the year we have a pop at watering down the greatness of Echo and the Bunnymen.

First off, the Template...and my favourite E&TBM song....

Now to White Lies, don't get me wrong, I like this lot even if the video is as bad as Virgin Suicides

(Polydor have disabled the 'embedding' function on this video ... another huge major label 'REALLY??')

Hatcham Social, recently signed to Fierce Panda, (who for some reason are proud they signed Birmingham's finest 3 Colours Red ... who, incidentally taught me what 'skinning up' meant )

I promise you by about August we'll all be buying Echo and the Bunnymen live at the Roundhouse tickets.

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Dean said...

I saw Echo and the Bunnymen in 2002, they were shit, everyone agreed but then a load of hardcore 40 something fans started saying that you shouldn't say that because "Mac will beat the shit out of you if he heard you don't like it".

I gained a bit of affection for them on hearing that they beat up people who don't like them.