Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Half Machine 2009

This year we're having a make over. Ferry Gouw (from Semifinalists) is redesigning everything for us. We'll be having a relaunch in the next few months of the website and all that. Ferry's done some great stuff for us already and we're looking forward to showing it off.

Releases this year will be -

Banjo or Freakout 12" EP, with four new recording, including blog favourites 'Like You' and 'Upside Down'. We've also got some remixes coming from Allez Allez , Vincent Oliver , Coma, PhaseOne and more...

Sam Buck Rosen 'Purple Mountain' 7". Debut single from Sam Buck Rosen, a prodigious 19 year old, who channels the spirit of the Blow, Microphones, YACHT and Bobby Darin in to lo-fi tropical Macbook pop. The a-side was recorded with Rostam from Vampire Weekend in New York.

MIT will also be releasing a digital only remix EP. Featuring Luke Abbott (Border Community), Shitdisco, Crystal Fighters and more remixing 'Rauch' from last years critically acclaimed debut album 'Coda'.

Real Estate are also releasing their debut UK single in June/ July. 'Fake Blues' sounds like Yo La Tengo and Galaxie 500 covering Abe Vigoda.

We'll no doubt have more releases out this year, but we're winging it at the moment and waiting to see what catches our ear.

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