Monday, 17 August 2009

MIT 'Rauch' remixes

Last year we released the debut album by MIT, three Cologne based teenagers we met a couple of years previous at a shit all day festival at LSE in London. It was their first UK gig (and second ever gig), Tamer played a battered old Moog Rogue, Edi played bass and screeched/ sung and Felix played drums. They sounded like Whirlwind Heat, needless to say we loved them.

We kept in touch and eventually helped out with distribution and press on their debut release ('Deine Eltern' 12" EP), which our friends at Haute Areal, the Berlin based label who MIT were now signed to released in 2005(?). After several UK (London) gigs at places like White Heat, Trash, Fabric, and our own Dirty Hearts in Southend, we followed up with the 'Good Book' 7", which picked up some fans and good reviews and what not. At this point MIT were still essentially a synth/ noise/ punk band - like a less screechy Crystal Castles (before Crystal Castles existed).

We agreed to do the album and were eagerly awaiting it. What we wasn't expecting was the band to return with an almost instrumental Krautrock album. Highly stylized, late-night Autobahn, Bowie/ Kraftwerk/ DAF/ Holy Fuck/ Tangerine Dream inspired propulsive synthscapes. Basically we fucking loved it. It got good reviews too -

“An intriguing little rocket of an album” – Dazed & Confused
“Make MIT the massive stars they deserve to be!” – Artrocker
“MIT are indeed the thinking mans electro outfit” – BBC
“Coda is an intense and rewarding trip – 4.5 out of 5” – Gigwise
“This is an eminently palatable album – 8 out of 10” – Drowned In Sound
“There's no denying that Coda is an excellent album which manages to stay minimal while simultaneously bursting with ideas – 4 out of 5” - MusicOMH

And a great review of their 2am gig at London's Kill 'Em All night:

“Whether you want to call it post-punk, art-rock or whatever might be this year's latest label, it's of an artistic standard that massages all the good parts of the brain. It leaves me stumbling out onto a cold Sunday morning London road, all fired up with the potential of music, the glory of all creation, the genuis of rock 'n' roll and all that other jazz that goes through your brain at such a tender and emotional time – 9 out of 10 live review (London Barfly)” – Whisperin & Hollerin

We set about getting some remixes commissioned for a single release, everyone agreed we'd do 'Rauch' as the single. So we ended up with remixes from Border Community signed Luke Abbott , Shitdisco (friends of MIT from a German tour), COMA (Kompakt affiliated minimal techno pop) and Basque electro weirdos Crystal Fighters. What we didn't plan on was never releasing the single. So for the past year we've had these remixes sitting on our computers not doing anything.

So, here you go a taster. Below you can get the Crystal Fighters remix and my favourite of all the mixes, Luke Abbott's remix:

Luke Abbott remix - Zshare

Crystal Figters Remix - Zshare


jc said...

The Luke Abbott remix is awesome. You've got to release this.

Anonymous said...

why don't you release these remix?
come on!!!
I want the remix of Luke Abbott in high quality.

Anonymous said...

It is my first message here, so I would like to say hallo to all of you! It is definitely pleasure to join your community!

Anonymous said...


Need the Luke Abbott remix on 12", is this or will this ever be possible?