Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pure Ecstasy

Pure Ecstasy are from Austin, Texas where I've spent one of the best weeks of my life and one of the worst. They have just released their first 7". There's only 50 pressed, with spray painted sleeves. Get one here

Nate from the band, kindly sent me the tracks over so you can download 'You're In It Now' by clicking on it. Awesome.

The excellent Friendship Bracelet blog describes them thus:

Pure Ecstasy tows the line between the golden shimmers of current heads Real Estate and Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, but with more vocal reverb, almost reminding me of It Still Moves-era My Morning Jacket in its warm echo slack, which is saying something since It Still Moves was one of my favorite records at one point.

However, Pure Ecstasy stays away from the whole down-home Kentucky country thing in favor of a more muffled and less technical vibe. These sounds should soundtrack roadtrips. Not the beginning or end of roadtrips, but the hearty portion of middle America one must pass through to get from one side to the other. This is waiting music for those who like to hit the snooze button, those who enjoy limbo rather than certainty, those who would rather be in it than at the end of it. Forget the beach. Summer's almost over. Time to cruise through the farmland, the endless waves of cultivated soil, cattle, silos, lone powerlines, sun-soaked and sun-baked cornfields.