Thursday, 10 September 2009

Real Estate live on WMUA Radio

Real Estate , whose debut album is out soon on Woodsist (and sounding incredible), recorded a live session (sans Bleeker) for WMUA radio, you can download the set below. It's a more stripped back acoustic affair than usual and still awesome.

What's great about it is they play the new, slowed down version of 'Green River', which will appear on the album and some Ducktails tracks, including the new song 'House of Mirrors'.

You can download the whole thing from WMUA's website HERE

The tracklisting is:

1. Green River
2. Younger than Yesterday
3. Fake Blues
4. Beach Comber
5. Backyard
6. House of Mirrors
7. Let's Rock the Beach
8. Pizza Time

There's still some 'Fake Blues' 7"s available, so get one whilst you can.

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