Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson’s debut solo album, ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’, is being reissued on cd (along with the half finished ‘Bambu’ album) soon. It’s about time. The album has been out of print since it’s initial vinyl and cd issues. I bought the gatefold vinyl version on eBay for £55 a few years ago, worth it though.

Dennis was the cool one in the Beach Boys, he surfed, he shagged Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac recorded ‘Wish You Were Here’ for him after he died), he owned Sam Cooke’s Ferrari and 65 foot yacht.

He also lived with Charles Manson…

"Dennis Wilson was killed by my shadow because he took my music and changed the words from my soul."

Yeah, nice one Charlie. Weirdo.

Anyway read the blog about the album here

Beach Boys singing Surfer Girl off their nuts in Australia:

1980 interview:

My favourite Beach Boys song, ‘Forever’, was written and sung by Dennis -

Without Dennis and with Brian having gone a bit mental, the Beach Boys went a bit shit. And recorded this for the Cocktail soundtrack (I do quite like it though):

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