Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Winning Sperm Party

Winning Sperm Party is a relatively new (at least in terms of me finding out about it) blog/label that dedicates itself to championing the ever burgeoning wealth of great Scottish music at the moment. What i find particularly inspiring about it is there approach of visiting the best of these bands every month and helping them record an EP that they then release as a free download via their website.

Releasing music this way is always going to be far cooler and more fun than signing a record deal.

So far, Winning Sperm Party's releases have included two particular gems in the Plaaydoh and Dirty Summer EP's.

Also, in terms of and admirably lo fi way of doing things here is the Dirty Summer video for their song Camp Carnival

Dirty Summer ‘7 Minute Song’:

Kind of makes you wish you were 16 and from Dunfermline

Love from Damn Shames xxx

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