Sunday, 15 June 2008

Holy Fuck at Primavera 2008

I didn’t go to Primavera. But everybody that did seemed to be at Holy Fuck’s set at 3am. During their final song (‘Lovely Allen’) there was a mass stage invasion, including members of Les Savy Fav, Man Man and 3000 Spaniards:

A friend sent me a picture to rub it in:

"It was unbelievable... gig was fantastic anyway, and then suddenly there were people onstage, and then me and my friend just looked at each other and were like 'we must be there too'. The band just looked insane with happiness, like they couldn't really believe what was going on, and then I turned around and Les Savy Fav were standing behind me hitting drums.”


Lovely Allen video:

More pictures at the Young Turks website

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