Sunday, 8 June 2008


So, as this is our first post I guess we should introduce ourselves - we're a record label of no repute based in London, England.  We've been a record label since May 2006, before that we've been involved in club nights (in the Southend 'scene'.  Whatever that was), managed bands (some successful, some not so), DJ'd all over the shop (Berlin gay clubs being a favourite), worked at a better record label and so on.

We've released a few things so far, mainly on vinyl.  We like vinyl better than cds and downloads.

This is a list of stuff we've put out if you're interested:
May 2006:
MIT - 'Deine Eltern EP' 12"
Neils Children - 'Stand Up' 7"

November 2006:
Theoretical Girl - 'Red Mist' 7"

August 2007:
MIT - 'Good Book' 7"

March 2008:
Stardeath & White Dwarfs - 'Toast & Marmalade For Tea' 7"

April 2008:
MIT - 'Coda' cd album and download

And we have these things coming up:

June 2008:
Mirror Mirror - 'New Horizons' 7" and download

July 2008:
Psychedelic Horseshit - 'New Wave Hippies' 7"
Pacific! - 'Sunset Blvd' 12" and download (including remixes by frYars, Popular Computer etc)

August 2008:
Pacific! - 'Reveries' cd album and download
MIT - 'Rauch' 12" and download (including remixes by Luke Abbott etc)

And then after that we're putting out the debut single by Sam Buck Rosen, former touring partner (and room mates) to Vampire Weekend, the debut UK release by Francois Virot (probably a couple of 7"s and the debut album 'Yes or No' - think Animal Collective/ Elliott Smith/ Shins etc) and also the second single by Pacific! later in the year.

Busy times.

You can listen to some stuff at our myspace

In the meantime, check out Pacific's website and the video for 'Number One' both by French artist Stephane Manel:

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